Finding Presence

Finding Presence


We are a hurting and confused world.  Millions of persons across the globe have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and hundreds of thousands have lost their lives. Some of us are grappling with life-changing situations like job loss, ill family members and friends, and food insecurities. And, many of us are just tired.

Kavanna House desires to do our part in helping you navigate this season of anxiety and weariness. This six-week online experience will offer participants a chance to explore spiritual practices and rhythms centered on finding a sense of peace and presence including guided imagery, visio divina, breath prayer, play, journaling and setting boundaries.

Topics Covered

The six week Finding Presence class covers six spiritual practices.

Breath Prayer Breath prayer brings you back to your body and grounds you in the present moment.

Guided Imagery/Meditation Guided imagery and meditation can provide a growing awareness of the internal sacred space where you and God commune.

Journaling Journaling is an excellent practice to help you process and thoughtfully consider how God is present in your daily life.

Play Play can be a part of our Sabbath practice because Sabbath is not just about not working, but also about how and what we choose to engage in what brings us rest and joy.

Setting Boundaries Setting boundaries help us to define who we are in relation to others and aide in authentically living as God intended.

Visio Divina Visio divina is the practice of praying with our eyes, finding God's presence in all that in nature and all that is created


1. There is no prerequisite coursework for this class – just an open mind and an open heart.

2. There is an expectation that participants will attend all classes. Attendance is important for each individual for their own spiritual journey as well as for the health of the community they are entering into.

3. Participant cost is $150 per person. This cost covers all materials. Kavanna House is committed to individuals who desire and are ready to participate in our programs so please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if financial assistance may be needed to allow your participation.


The next scheduled class will meet via Zoom on the Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm between September 8 and October 13, 2021. The rhythm of the evenings will include teaching, questions and group processing. The total cost for this program is $150. Scholarships are available for anyone desiring to participate who needs financial assistance. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if scholarship assistance is needed.


Prepare for this ONLINE community by ...

  • Choosing and preparing a space to spend the evening: Ideally it will be quiet and comfortable, with splashes of beauty and perhaps some chocolate or other special treats.
  • Communicating with others in your household: Clearly and graciously, let other household members know what space you will be using during the class. Explain how very grateful you will be to them for respecting your class time by not interrupting you!
  • Gathering your materials: You will want your journal (or something to write on if you don't have a journal) and any documents sent to you prior to the class.
  • Preparing for our Zoom calls: Set up your laptop or tablet in a place where it can remain plugged in for the duration of the call so that you don't get disconnected due to a dead battery. Adjust your device so approximately one-third of your upper torso and your head show on the screen. When the camera is further away, it is difficult to see your facial expressions and when it is closer, it is challenging to see your body language. Choose a spot where light from a window or lamp shines on your face. Avoid having your device's camera pointed toward a strong source of light; your face will be darkened and others will have a harder time seeing you. If you have never been on a Zoom call before, please download the free necessary software at sometime before retreat day. You will receive a link to join the group Zoom one day prior to each class session

Kind Words

"This was my first class at Kavanna House and it was delightful. I really enjoyed the intimacy of the small class. Adele and Nicole did a wonderful job of teaching the practices and answering any questions that came up about them. The best part for me was learning new contemplative practices that make it feel easier to connect with God on a daily basis without feeling the pressure of needing to be so formal in that time spent with him."~ Program Participant

"Kavanna House has been to me that faithful friend that showed up just at the right time to gently guide me in the way I needed to be lead." ~ Mark

"I really enjoyed the 6 week Finding Presence course. Prior to the course, I felt like I had hit a wall in my relationship with the Lord. Being introduced to the different practices taught throughout this class, opened the door to new ways to sit with and hear from the Lord. I went from feeling shame/guilt about being stuck, to experiencing more freedom in my times with the Lord." ~ Melissa S.