A-Mended Story

(formerly called Formational Prayer Cohort)



Participation in the Formational Prayer Seminar at Kavanna House sets the ground work as the foundational introduction to formational prayer at Kavanna House. It is a life changing experience for many where much transformation happens in only three days. Yet, we remind our participants that healing is a journey, not a destination. To support the continuation of healing for those who have experienced the seminar, and to build upon their base understanding and experience of formational prayer, we offer them an invitation to be a part of A-Mended Story (formerly called the Formational Prayer Cohort).


Over the course of eight months, the cohort will meet for five two-day retreat weekends, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. The components of this cohort will include time for teaching, self-reflection, group processing, and experiential activities, all of which support and position participants for deeper healing in the presence of God.


While in a safe and intimate group of spiritual peers, this intense cohort dynamic will most likely unearth some painful memories and past experiences. Encountering God in the midst of those memories and experiences can heal the heart and renew individual spirits and minds. Just as witnessed in the Seminar, life stories will be sacredly and non-judgmentally carried with qualified care-givers by your side. Kavanna House encourages past Formational Prayer Seminar and weekly Formational Prayer class participants to prayerfully consider this as the next step in discovering freedom from the broken places in their souls.

2019-2020 Cohort Dates

The cohort will meet from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday each weekend

January 25-26, 2020

March 21-22, 2020

April 18-19, 2020

June 6-7, 2020

August 29-30, 2020 

Participation and Application

This cohort is limited to six participants who participated in Kavanna’s Formational Prayer Seminar and/or weekly Formational Prayer Class, as well as either Contemplative Beginnings or The Intimacy Project. Interested persons are required to complete an application and interview prior to starting the acceptance process into the cohort. Completed applications should be returned to Kavanna House, Attention: Roxanne O'Reilly.



Participant cost (excluding travel and lodging) is $2,000 per person. This cost covers all materials and light continental breakfasts, lunches and snacks on retreat days. After paying the non-refundable deposit of $200, the balance can be paid in installment payments. Kavanna House is committed to individuals who desire and are ready to participate in our programs so please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if financial assistance may be needed to allow your participation.