Formational Prayer Seminar 

Why and how does Kavanna House organize this seminar?

Through Kavanna House, we desire to help others focus on what it means to know God with a power and intimacy that changes them, and therefore, how they relate to others. People need more than solutions to their problems. They need to experience the love and acceptance of God in every aspect of their lives. Formational prayer is a means to facilitate emotional and spiritual healing through the intimate and powerful presence and work of the Holy Spirit.


This seminar is designed as the beginning of a journey with God in formational  prayer. Each day will include teaching, video clips, personal time with God and processing in small groups. It is open to anyone interested in finding wholeness in God. No matter where you are in your healing, this seminar is designed to position you for the next step in receiving God's healing and transformation. 

Kavanna House believes that one of the best gifts you can give yourself and others is to begin and to continue your own healing journey. Experiencing our own personal healing moves us deeper into wholeness which impacts not only our own lives but those around us. 


When will the next seminar be held?

September 26-28, 2019 ~ 8 a.m.-5 p.m. each day


From past participants...

"The Formational Prayer Seminar led me to the blistering desert, then supplied the balm that soothed and nourished my soul. The facilitators do an excellent job creating a safe community where healing can take place; all in the midst of the peaceful surroundings at Kavanna House. My personal experience with the seminar was not only a life changer, but a literal name changer." 
~ Debbie Mansberger ~


“I initially registered for the seminar with reluctance; however, I had seen how formational prayer had impacted my wife. So, I did want to learn more about this, and I wanted to honor my wife. By the end of the three days I had experienced, first-hand, the healing power of God as he released me from demons in my past.  I am so glad that I attended the Formational Prayer Seminar, it has been a life changing experience!"
~ Larry Whittemore ~


"Participating in the Formational Prayer Seminar was a life-changing catalyst for me to explore some important issues that have impacted my life and who I am today. The teaching from Doris Barr and other facilitators, coupled with safe, candid small group discussions and ample time for personal quiet time allowed me to unpack a deep wound in my life that I had buried for decades.  The seminar provided a beginning for me for even deeper reflection to bring me even closer to God and how He sees me.  So thankful for my experience and would encourage others to seek God’s direction on whether this is a good next step for you!"
~ Diane Sargeant ~


"Through the Formational Prayer Seminar, I discovered I had been carrying around with me the words from a first grade teacher that said to me, 'If only you could be smart like your brother.' I believe these words changed the trajectory of my life. Never feeling quite good enough or smart enough, but not really knowing why. Through formational prayer, I was able to go back and open up that deep wound and allow Jesus to come in and fully heal me. Through the process of unpacking the wound I experienced Jesus' healing, as He was with me then as He is with me now."
~ Alice Whittemore ~