What is Formational Prayer?



Our life’s journey, from childhood to present, carries with it countless memories. Many of us can recall times of joy, fun and connection which helped ground us to see love and trust in our world. However, we also have endured losses, painful trauma, and hurts that continue to surface and impact our relationship with God, with self, and with others in unhealthy ways. Our wounds, like a deep cut to the bone, demand special attention in a holy space in order to move toward inner healing. The Formational Prayer ministry at Kavanna House offers opportunities for you to enter that space in a safe, loving, and non-judgmental way.


In the Spiritual Disciplines Handbook by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun, she describes inner-healing prayer (formational prayer) in the following way: "Inner healing prayer focuses attention on emotional wounds, needs, lies, vows, and dysfunctions. Many of our dysfunctional coping mechanisms are ways of addressing our longings to be significant and loved. To handle the pain that comes from not feeling significant and loved, we move into unhealthy coping patterns.”Whether we are aware of it or not, wounds can compromise our well being as we live our lives responding to those unmet longings.Formational prayer is a means to facilitate emotional and spiritual healing through the intimate and powerful presence and work of the Holy Spirit in Formational Prayer, .


Offerings at Kavanna House

On this journey of Formational Prayer at Kavanna House, trained caregivers are always present and inviting you into a safe place to tend your soul. Through instruction, experientials, reflections, and small group processing, they will help position you before God to bring healing to those areas of expressed or repressed pain and feelings that have been tucked away for too long. Regardless of the source of your pain, God wants to meet you in it with love, acceptance, and healing. The spaces we offer to do this are through the following sequential events and classes:


  • Formational Prayer Seminar (3 day retreat)
  • Formational Prayer Cohort (five 2-day retreat weekends over 8 months) ~ starting in January 2020


Formational Prayer is a spiritually formative experience shedding light on our brokenness before God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in order to mend and restore what has been lost. There is freedom from your past, help for your present, and hope for your future. Remember, healing is a journey, not a destination.