Critical Journey Cohort



Do you have questions about where your spiritual life is taking you? Have you found yourself having doubts, asking questions, feeling as if you don’t ‘fit in’any longer, and perhaps even feeling that your faith is slipping through your fingertips?  How would it feel to know that what you may be experiencing is completely normal and may even be a sign of deeper growth in your life with God?  What would it be like to explore the changes in your spiritual life in a safe, compassionate, and encouraging environment? And, an added benefit is that you would be able to do all of this with others who are on a similar path.


Kavanna House offers an eight month course centered around The Critical Journey, the book by Janet Hagberg and Robert Guelich. The Critical Journey Cohort will meet for five 2-day retreats, 9 am to 5 pm each day. In this course, you will have time to gently explore your own spiritual journey through teaching, self-reflection, group processing, as well as experiential and creative activities. 

This will be an intense experience as it may involve unearthing some painful memories and experiences. It will also be renewing and may even be healing, both spiritually and psychologically, as you begin to see God’s hand in your entire spiritual story and as you resonate with the stories of others. 

This program developed and facilitated by Deb Turnow