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Is it a zebra or a horse?





"I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I havent' done." (like breaking a window!)

Lucille Ball

There have been times in my life where I have been compared to Lucy. Maybe it’s the red hair, maybe it’s the little bit of acting talent God has given me or maybe it’s my flair for dramatic. Let me share a side of myself with you seldom seen by those outside my family, who know me to be just a bit crazy. (Years ago I went to my doctor with some bizarre symptoms - I was convinced that the myelin sheath was peeling off my nerves. I remember she told me that I tend to always think we need to look for a zebra and it usually will be just a horse. In others words, it is most likely that there is a pedestrian answer to my dilemma and it is not something earth-shattering….like peeling myelin.)

On Wednesday, I went to work as usual. One of my co-workers, Cheryl, had an appointment at 9:30am. Her client shows up around 9:20. It is unusual for Cheryl to be late so I call her cell and leave her a message that her client is here. I wait a few minutes. No response. When 9:30 comes and goes, I text her – no response. I call her husband’s place of employment to ask him if she is ok. They tell me he hasn’t come into work yet this morning – he had a breakfast meeting on the calendar. I ask his administrative assistant to call his cell for me – no answer. Very suspicious. By this time it is 9:45 and I explain to her client that this is highly unusual and if she would like to go, I’ll have Cheryl give her a call as soon as she gets in. I try to call again and still no answer on either her or her husband’s cell. I decide I have to go to her house and make sure all is ok.

Now – right there – you may be saying there is no need to do that – she’ll get there when she gets there. But, in my mind, my very active and imaginative mind, I fear something is wrong. I lock up Kavanna House (because of course this would happen on a day when I have no one else with me) and I drive to Cheryl’s home. As soon as I pull in I see her car in the driveway and am suspicious. I peek in the garage and it is empty. I go to the front door and ring the bell…no answer. Then I pound on the door – no answer. I tried all the doors and everything is locked up tight. Then I get crazy (you are probably saying to yourself, “You got crazy? Girl, you done been crazy!”). I looked in all the windows trying to see if I could see a pair of feet or a body on the floor. What if something is really wrong? What if there was a carbon monoxide leak? What if she fell in the bathroom? What is there was an intruder and …………..should I break a window in the door to the garage and go in and see what has happened? I was wishing I had brought my Mace – because if it is an intruder and he is still in the house…..about that time I got a call from her husband. He said he would be right over.

I paced and paced in the driveway waiting for him, hoping she was ok. What if she was really in danger and my hesitancy to break in caused her to lose precious minutes of getting oxygen to her already oxygen-starved brain?? Finally he pulled in. I was near tears. He was very calm and re-assuring. The nerve! He unlocked the garage door and we went into the house. I waited in the kitchen while he went up to the bedroom – cause we all know that is where the scary things happen. I waited, holding my breath, sure he was going to call down and say, “DIAL 911!” Instead I heard him say, “Cheryl - You had a client at 9:30 and Deb is downstairs.”

Turns out there was a simple explanation for everything – her phone was down on the kitchen counter. She was in the shower the first time I pounded on the door and blow-drying her hair the second time. She was fine – she just forgot about her 9:30 appointment.

The great thing is that Cheryl was ok….and that I did not make a fool of myself breaking into her house to save her. Once she got to work, we hugged and she told me she felt very cared about because I was willing to go to such lengths. Then we got all spiritual, thinking that is kinda how God is with us. I think God has broken a couple of windows to rescue me.

The big difference – God knows what is going on and I am clueless…so I can overreact. Chalk it up to watching too many episodes of Dateline NBC – or Criminal Minds – or looking for a zebra where there is only a horse….thank goodness this was only a horse…..this time. J


Grace and peace,

Crazy Deb

fear no more
see you on the other side - 2 years later


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Thursday, 21 February 2019

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