Mending Together

This past week at Kavanna House, we held another Formational Prayer Seminar. 

In honor of all of the amazing participants in this seminar, we share this beautiful poem.

With each of our breakings.

you break,

and with each

of our woundings

your own wounds grow deeper.

Yet you hold

the pieces together

till we learn to make

the new connections

and you guard each throbbing wound

till we have had enough

of pain.

You remind us

that it is our delight you seek,

not our suffering.

And you tell us

that it is not the wounds

that give us life

but the tending of them

in each other.

And you say

it is not the breaking

that makes us whole

but the mending of the pieces

that brings life anew.

Jan Richardson, Night Visions 

Photo Credit: Deb Turnow

I Praise You for What is Yet to Be

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