After 43 years at my current full-time position, I am facing retirement with the hope to work part-time in a new field. As I contemplate these changes, many thoughts and emotions arise. There is the letting go, the leaving of what is familiar, the body of work I struggled with and grew in, and to be honest, there's a sense of security here.

But I can't move on until I let go. I eagerly anticipate what is ahead and am looking forward to a fresh start and learning new skills. Another person will come behind me and take over the challenges; hopefully, I'll leave a good legacy. Still, I'm standing on the precipice of uncertainty. I look over my shoulder to the safety of the known territory I have trod, the paths I have forged, and of course, to the companions and mentors who made this journey with me.

At the same time, I peer into the mists of the unknown and reach forward to take hold of something new. There is a bit of trepidation in leaving ground where my feet are firmly planted.

I see many similarities in my spiritual walk as well. There were, of course, hard places, stony ground, much to learn, and happy times too, rewards for good work. Storms came and went, and at times it seemed I'd be overtaken, but faith grows in those experiences.

The danger is in getting so comfortable that I would fear moving my feet from where I firmly planted them. There is often a hesitancy to move before I can see what the next step is. I want to know what the risk is, be assured of the outcome. But I don't think that's how faith works. That is not what trust is.

Just like in my career, choices are made to step out in faith to where God may be calling me. I hope here, too, I'll leave a good legacy. I hope I can reach forward, and if I do look back, it is in thanks and gratitude for help in the hard places, safety through the storms, the blessing of good mentors and companions, and a sense of awe at the mystery that lies before me.

Truly, we are on a fantastic journey! 

K. Yinger

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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