This word has come to be associated with asking for forgiveness and determining that you will try not to sin in the same way again.The word repent comes from the Greek word metanoia which has several similar meanings:

~ to face a new direction

~ to turn towards the light

~ to experience a transformative change of heart

These definitions are appealing. They can entice one to move closer to the Divine and join all beings moving in the direction of creation of the Kingdom of God right here, right now.

How might replacing the word repent with the word metanoia change the way you approach God during this Lenten season and beyond? The way you feel about yourself?

As you look at the drawing, what do you notice about her?

What do you think she may be feeling, experiencing?

Your first thought might be that she is remorseful and that may be true. But she may also be in a meditative stance, soaking in God's love. Or giving the Spirit permission and complete freedom to do whatever needs to be done.

This Lenten season looks very different than any we've experienced in our lifetimes. The crisis in our world may be causing or exacerbating anxiety, or causing us to dwell on where we are off track with our relationship with the Spirit. Of course it is good to notice where we might be off track, but it may be just as important to notice where we've become entrenched (even in good things) when there is a distinct invitation from God to release what we have always been taught is the "right" way in order to learn new ways to be with and hear from Spirit – to go a new direction, to turn towards the light, to experience a transformation of our heart that we didn't even know we needed.

What is God inviting you into or out of, in this moment?

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