Sheltering at Home...

Sheltering at home. A new phrase introduced into our English vernacular. Think about it. If three months ago, someone would have told you they were "sheltering at home" you may have seen it something akin to "nesting". But in this challenging period, some think the term is closer to a punishment like "Go to your room".

Our perspective can change anything.

This lovely drawing was done by Janet Hagberg, one of the authors of The Critical Journey. I encourage you to do a lectio divina with it and see what arises.

Here are few questions to ponder ~

What does the angel (or you may find it represents something else) mean to you?

What feelings do you have? Is it comforting or does it evoke something else?

Can you imagine the other people represented by the cityscape?

How might you be a symbol of peace for some of them?

What do you feel when you are told you need to stay home? Anger? Fear? Relief?

How are you handling your own feelings of being told to stay home? 

How are you noticing God in the midst of all this?

Sheltering at home may be a gift - can you look at like that? More on this later. Stay home and stay safe!!

~ Deb Turnow-Founder, Kavanna House

The Priceless Lesson

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