The Table

The Table

You are invited to spend some time with this painting, entitled, The Last Supper.

Notice that there are women and children seated at the table.

What arises as you look at this scene?

If you are a woman, what does it feel like to, perhaps for the first time, see your gender represented at the Last Supper with Jesus?

Imagine what it may have been like to have been a friend – an intimate enough friend - to sit with Jesus at the last meal he would have.

Look at one of the women in the painting. What might her story have been?What is your story?

How is that you came to be intimate with Jesus? How did you come to be one at the table?

If you are a man, you are accustomed to seeing your gender represented at this setting.

Could you take a few minutes right now to imagine what it might feel like to only ever see Jesus surrounded by women?

To not see men represented in these types of iconic images like the Last Supper?

How might that feel to you? What does it feel like to see women and children at the table?

What does sitting with this beautiful image change within you?

You are invited to the table

…and to the crucifixion

…and to the grave

….and to the resurrection

… and to whatever it is that you sense God inviting you to.

No rules, no theology, no doctrine can keep you from all that is you are destined for.Only you can do that. 

Grief...A Chasm

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