Our Story

Our founder, Deb Turnow, followed the whisper of the Spirit almost 10 years ago when she gathered a group of friends and shared the call she felt God had put on her heart ~ to create a place and space where individuals could grow and transform their relationship with God.  From that whisper and that gathering of friends, Kavanna House was born.  Its first year was in borrowed space from one of those dear friends ~ holding the first spiritual practices class in her living room. In its second year, Kavanna House was provided a beautiful respite at 1516 East Market Street in York, Pennsylvania.

Our recent world circumstances called upon Kavanna to shift from operating out of a physical location to exclusively online offerings. This was not something that we had envisioned or planned for, but something that we felt called to do in order to continue our work and our communities. While we’ve experienced a technical glitch here or there, overall the shift has been full of moments of transformation, awakening and a keen sense of the Spirit’s presence.  We are grateful and in awe of God’s work and desires for us. 

What We Do

We offer courses, retreats and spiritual direction sessions designed to deepen connection with God. We build off of spiritual formation practices - silence and solitude, journaling, examen, practicing Sabbath and presence - and provide space for participants to ask questions, share struggles, and process their journey.

Why We Do It

Our Mission

Kavanna House is a non-profit organization that exists as a resource and support for individuals, churches, and organizations who wish to deepen their intimacy with God through contemplative practices.

Our Vision

Kavanna House desires to be a sanctuary where individuals, groups, and organizations can experience transformation through contemplative courses, workshops, retreats and services.

Our Core Values

  • Attentiveness to the Spirit's work in everyday life

  • Authentic spiritual community in the context of personal relationship with God and others

  • The rhythm of personal retreat and out-flowing ministry

  • Modeling the way through experiential opportunities

How We Do It

Kavanna House uses a blend of teaching, reflecting and processing.  We believe that the work is really done between you and the Spirit, so we emphasize personal reflection and group processing.

Our group process is what makes Kavanna truly unique. Processing your spiritual journey requires a feeling of safety. To enable our participants to feel safe, we follow very specific guidelines during our group times. Listening is at the core – giving our full attention to the one sharing. No one may interject into your story – no teaching, no counseling, no advice giving, no debating theology or doctrine, no scripture-whipping… just intentional, focused listening. This helps create a sense of safety and invites openness and vulnerability. Everything shared is kept confidential.

Are You Ready

Has your faith come to a place of feeling stagnant? Are you longing for a deeper connection with God? Are you in a place of doubt or struggle? If you have been living out your faith for many years but find yourself able to answer yes to any of these questions, then you are ready for our programs. Here you will find the space to ask your questions, voice your uncertainties, and discover new pathways to experiencing God in your life.