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Kavanna House is the perfect place to have a retreat for your group of friends, small group, leadership team, or board. Based on the desires of your group and the purpose of your retreat, our staff is available to welcome and orient you to the house, provide logistical support, or facilitate and lead the entire retreat.  

Retreats facilitated by Kavanna House staff can be centered around any of the topics described below and will have a rhythm of silent reflection and group processing. The preferred maximum group size is 10 people. Please contact Kavanna House at for pricing information.

Retreat Topics


Trust, Surrender and Bless "What is"

Do you constantly struggle against “what is,” always wanting it to be different? Do you have difficulty accepting where you are in your life or what you have lost? This retreat will provide tools and time for reflection to notice where God is with you in the midst of your circumstances. It will provide a framework to move toward not only surrendering your will, but also being able to bless the difficulties.

The Gift of Being Present

How do you begin to notice God's movement in your everyday life? Do you even believe that the Spirit is moving, speaking to, and drawing you? This retreat will help you begin to pay attention, to notice that movement and then to respond.

Discernment - Invitation from the Spirit

Choices. How do we learn to discern what God desires for us? From us? Our time together will include looking at ways you can help discern the leading of God in your life.

Spiritual Pathways - Living Into How God Designed You

We are all unique individuals, created by God with different personalities. Based on the way God designed you, you have certain pathways that draw you into God's presence. This retreat will help you discover your unique pathways and how they can be integrated into your intentional time with God. (Based on the book, Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas)

Paying Attention to God Through the Art of Journaling

Journaling can be a valuable tool for understanding yourself and nurturing your relationship with God. You will learn different ways to journal and will have time to practice this discipline.

Designing a Sacred Space for Your Time with God

Where do meet with God? Do you have a special place set apart? This retreat will explain the benefits of having a sacred space. You will have a chance to consider what space in your house might work and how to design that space to create an area that is meaningful to you.

Silence and Solitude - Creating the Interior Life for Spiritual Formation

To be truly intentional about our relationship with God, we need to learn to limit distractions. This retreat will focus on how to control outward distractions and more importantly, how to quiet the thoughts swirling in your head so that you can be fully present to God. We will practice different ways to be “in silence.”

 Lectio Divina - Engaging Scripture with Your Heart

Many times, we have only been taught how to engage Scripture with our mind. Reading the Bible can become rote and dry. During this retreat, you will learn the movements of lectio divina - how to prepare yourself for the experience, how to approach the reading and how to reflect on what God may be saying to you through the words. It will change the way you interact with the Word.

 Encountering God Through Your Senses

There are so many ways to encounter God. We may be familiar with using our eyes to see the world around us or our voices to sing praises, but we don't usually think about our sense of touch or smell or taste as a way to encounter God. This retreat will offer different ways to become more mindful of God's presence by using our senses.

 Encountering God Through Nature

Most of us have sensed God's presence when   looking at a beautiful sunset or taking in a mountain view. But what about looking closely at a pine cone, a stark tree in a field or even a wild mushroom? This retreat will introduce you to ways you can be more attuned to God's presence when you are enjoying creation.

Forgiveness - Moving into Freedom

Probably one of the hardest things to do is to forgive those who have hurt you. You feel justified or entitled to hang on to the anger. What you often don't understand is that unforgiveness is just as harmful to you as it is to the one with whom you are angry. You can feel stuck - you know it isn't okay to remain in a state of unforgiveness, but you just don't know how to move on. We will look at what the anger has done to you and then explore ways to finally be able to let go.

Letting Our Souls Catch Up

This retreat will offer you the space and resources to slow down and rest in God. We live life at a break-neck speed and rarely take the time to ”let our souls catch up.” Through simply breathing, reflection and time alone, our prayer is that you will leave this place refreshed and renewed.

Sabbath Rest

We are all overworked and tired. We don't know how to slow down and rest. Take time...time to rest, time to get away and time to focus on God. We will reflect on what Sabbath really means, not a legalistic list of rules but discovering the freedom of creating unforced rhythms in your life.

Intentional Spirituality

You can go through life not really paying attention. Days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years. You can wake up and find yourself unchanged by your walk with God because you are not being intentional. Through a tool called the prayer of examen, you will discover ways to pay attention to the presence of God in your life.


Do you desire to feel loved? Do you know that God loves you and that He delights in you? This retreat day will revolve around reflecting on the reality of you being God's beloved.
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