Personal Retreat Day

Kavanna House is available for a personal retreat day, either 4 or 8 hours in length.  We ask that you schedule your retreat day with us ahead of time so that we can be prepared for your visit. We will reserve a private room for you, and you may also make use of The Studio and the grounds. In addition, we offer retreat materials to help you be intentional about your time with God that you can choose whether to use.  Kavanna House also has several hundred books in its library which guests are free to use and borrow.


We encourage you to dress comfortably and to bring your journal and Bible. You may also bring your meal(s) as we have a refrigerator and microwave.


Upon your arrival we will orient you to the house.  We ask that you leave your cell phone in the car to allow you to move through your day without distractions ~ and in addition, to not be a distraction to others who may be retreating as well. 


We believe that we can be ‘alone together’ with God.  To do that, we do our best to maintain a quiet, peaceful environment and will not interact with you once you are settled, allowing you to truly be with God throughout the day, without feeling as if you need to make small talk.  To help us maintain a reflective atmosphere for all who may enter our doors, we would respectfully ask that you not engage others in conversation, allowing them to also be ‘alone together’ with God.  Of course, if you have a need we can meet, please ask…..quietly. :0)


We will be in prayer for you as you spend your day with us, praying that you will have a deep sense of God’s presence.  If you have a focused intention for the day, please let us know and we will be holding you in prayer around that particular issue.


For an additional fee, spiritual direction can be provided, but please let us know ahead of time so we can plan for a director to be available to meet with you.


We pray that your time at Kavanna House would be restful, refreshing and renewing and

that you will experience a beautiful, intimate encounter with God.



The cost for a half-day retreat, (4 hours), is $25.  A full-day retreat, 9 am to 5 pm, is $45.   If you make an appointment for direction during your retreat, there will be an additional cost of $50. However, first time retreatants do receive their first spiritual direction appointment at no charge as a gift from Kavanna House.



To schedule a personal retreat at Kavanna House, please contact Kristin Peterman.  Please allow 3-5 business days for a response.  Thank you!
1516 East Market Street
York, PA 17403
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