Spiritual direction is an ancient form of spiritual listening that dates back to the Desert Mothers and Fathers. The purpose is to create an awareness of God’s presence and activity in our lives.

Spiritual direction is a relationship between a trained director and their directee. During spiritual direction sessions, the director listens to the stories and experiences of their directee with the purpose of discerning where God is present and where the Spirit might be moving. Through questions, they invite their directee to explore where and how they are seeing God, both in the profound and mundane moments of life. They also invite them to be open to the places where they cannot see God, the places of disillusionment and disappointment.

Spiritual direction is different from counseling. In a counseling relationship, the counselor helps their client find solutions to problems or issues. They fulfill a primary role of listening to the client to notice movements and patterns. In spiritual direction, the director listens to both the directee and the Holy Spirit and then helps the directee to see where God is present within those problems or issues. Spiritual direction is not about "fixing." It is about noticing where God is in the midst of life.

Sessions take place monthly, last for one hour, and may include spiritual practices to help the directee deepen their experience of God. Costs for sessions vary according to each director.