The Intimacy Project is a nine month journey into your life with God, creating space and time for what you say is most important to you. Over five weekends, you will experience a rhythm of learning contemplative practices, spending time alone in reflection and the opportunity to process your experience in a safe group setting. But this is so much more than a “learning” experience.  It results in changes in your inner life with God and yourself which changes your outer life with God and others. This course speaks to the heart and spirit. Healing occurs.

For those who have been through a spiritual formation program of some kind or perhaps are spiritual directors, please don’t think…”been there, done that”.  Although some of the practices won’t be new to you, the way they are offered is new and you are in a different place than you were the first time you learned them. This time, you wouldn’t be learning something to offer to someone else but you would be immersing yourself in your own love relationship with God.  As a spiritual director and founder of a spiritual formation center,  Deb Turnow (founder of Kavanna House and Director of The Intimacy Project) knows that one of the temptations is to give, give, give.  Being a part of The Intimacy Project (IP) would guarantee you’d have five weekends set aside to just “be” with God.  Imagine what space that might open up in your own soul to truly rest and receive.  We’ve had many spiritual directors take part and it offers freedom and a place to just “be”.

The Intimacy Project is also perfect for those who are sensing there must be more to this spiritual life.  If you have become tired in the “doing”, yearn for more closeness, more intimacy, more freedom, in your relationship with God, then I encourage you to check it out.

There is limited space as we feel this work is best done in small groups so there is the opportunity to build intimate community. For the 2018-2019 program year, there are a total of 10 spaces in each of the two cohorts being held in York, Pennsylvania.

If you have questions, please contact Deb directly at

Cohort Format:

The five retreats include brief times of teaching, periods of silence and solitude, and the opportunity to process in community.  Cohort participants will have work between retreats (continuing to sit in the practices, a very brief weekly journaling piece, several books to read and an integrative paper between each retreat). This format allows those from outside the York, PA area to take advantage of this program.   

Because the cohort format requires a greater commitment of time, an application and interview are required for all prospective participants. To begin the application process, please visit  Upon receipt and review of your application, you will be contacted to schedule an interview (in person, by phone or Skype). 

Participant cost (excluding travel, lodging and meals other than lunch on retreat days) is $2,000/person for cohorts at Kavanna House in York, PA. Questions on costs and individual payment plans can be addressed to Adele Seebold .



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