Topics Covered in The Intimacy Project

Respected evangelical authors have begun to recognize the need for us to re-claim some of our spiritual practice heritage that has been lost through the years. Authors like Eugene Peterson, John Ortberg, Larry Crabb, Ruth Haley Barton and Dallas Willard have all written about the need for Christians to become more reflective about their inner life – that transformation does not happen simply by doing good things and serving, but it begins by placing ourselves in a posture that will welcome the work of the Holy Spirit in helping us become more like Jesus. This course focuses on some of the Christian practices that help us become open and receptive to that process of transformation.


Intro to Course/ Presence  Genesis 28: 10 -16, Exodus 3:1-5
God’s presence is with you all the time but do you really know how to pay attention, how to recognize His leading? Good spiritual practices will assist you in learning how to discern His presence and movement in your life.

Streams/Pathways  I Cor 12:12
God has uniquely designed you. Why then, would you think that you would have the exact same quiet time or interact with God in the same way as everyone else? This class will look at the different ways the church as a whole has compartmentalized the Christian life and also help you understanding how you uniquely connect with God.

Group Process  Galatians 5:22-23
We have all been part of groups where people cannot wait to offer us their opinion or give us advice. You will learn a group process that creates space for each participant to share their own experience with the practices without judgment. You will learn to be gentle with other group members and entrust their journey to God. This process also allows each person to share in a deeper way as it creates a safe environment.

Journaling  Genesis 28:16
It is important that you live a reflective life and that you are able to thoughtfully consider how God is present in the events of our daily life. Journaling is an excellent tool to help you with that process.

Sacred Space
Having a special space where you can spend time with God can help you become more aware of His presence.

Silence and Solitude “Be silent and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10
Although it is clear that God values silence and that Jesus saw the need to pull away and be alone with God in silence, we, as a culture – and as Christians - find this foreign. You will learn and begin to practice the discipline of becoming quiet before God.

Lectio Divina  2 Tim 3:16
All of us know the importance of God’s word. Lectio divina or ‘sacred reading’, is a way to be in Scripture that will move you into transformation as you consider how God wants to speak to you uniquely through his Word.

Prayer  Rom 8:26, Phil 4:6
This class will look at different types of prayer that will move you beyond intercession. You will learn the prayer of examen, breath prayer, praying with Scripture, and several other types of prayer.

Grand Examen
A grand examen is a process to help you reflect on the past year. It can be a helpful tool to notice where God has been present with you in the past and, perhaps, provide some guidance for the future.Longing Psalm 42:1
What do you truly long for in your relationship with God? This process will help you discern what your deepest longing is with God and what his longing is for you.

Spiritual Formation and the Arts  Exodus 35:31-32
You do not need to be an artist to be able to meet God in the midst of the creative process. This class will allow you to explore some creative ways to be with God. 

Discernment  Romans 12:2, Phil 1:9-11
We all have to make decisions in our lives but as Christians, what does it look like to involve God in that process? What does it look like to have an actual discernment process? This class will help you come to a place where you can begin to trust God’s leading as you make decisions in your life, both big and small.

Spiritual Companionship  Hebrews 10:24, I Peter 3:8
Have you ever desired to have someone that you could have deep spiritual conversations with either in a one-on-one setting or with a small group? We will look at several different types of meaningful spiritual relationships that would help you process and pay attention to the movement of God in your life.

Sabbath and Retreat  Mark 1:45, Mark 6:45-46
Even though we know that one of the commandments is about keeping a Sabbath, most of us don’t set aside a day to rest in God. And even less understood is the concept of having a personal retreat to spend extended time with God.

Rule of Life
Without being intentional many things in our life simply wouldn’t happen. The same is true with our spiritual life. A rule of life is something you will create based on what you’ve learned in this course that will help you create and maintain the spiritual practices and rhythms that allow you to be more aware of God’s presence in your everyday life.


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